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Mobile Integrated Network Terminals (MINT)

VNL’s Mobile Integrated Networking Terminal (MINT) exploits the advantages of icy, high-altitude terrain to deliver unfettered voice, video, data and remote monitoring services at sub-zero temperatures.

Tactical SDR Family with SCA Lite

VNL’s Tactical SDR family of products deliver long range and better connectivity even in dense foliage. Any radio can be configured as a repeater to extend coverage range, enabling communication connectivity across terrains, where other radios may lose connectivity.

LTE Manpack

VNL’s Tactical LTE is a compact, body-worn man-pack that exploits the advantage of limited manoeuvre space in mountainous battlefield operations by providing instant, secure, on-the-move network for mission-critical communication.

Intelligent Wideband Signal Monitoring (SiMON)

VNL’s SiMON, Intelligent Wideband Signal Monitoring, is an outdoor, compact, power-efficient, lightweight system for wideband spectrum monitoring and intelligence gathering. 

Cellular Cordon and Search System (CEROS)

VNL’s Cellular Cordon and Search System is a sophisticated search and scan system that helps forces during in-building encounters and urban combat operations.

Integrated Communication Solution (ICS 2020)

VNL's Integrated Communications System (ICS) 2020 that provides reliable, jam-resistant and encrypted information exchange among tactical forces right from soldier to the highest field commander. 

High Capacity Radio Relay (HCRR)

VNL’s HCRR is a quick-to-deploy, all-IP outdoor radio link that sets up a wireless, fail-safe, full-duplex communication network, along with increased bandwidth in mountainous tactical battle areas, where laying and maintaining a fibre-based network is challenging.

Fixed LTE Communication System (FLCS)

VNL’s FLCS is a rapidly deployable, easily configurable system that has an integrated LTE Network in the Box (NIB) along with surveillance camera with backhaul media, and works even backhaul connection is lost.

Cellular Intelligence and Service Denial (CiDOS)

VNL’s CiDOS, Cellular Intelligence and Denial of Service, uses unique jamming techniques for guaranteed cellular service denial in a target area. 

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS)

VNL’s PIDS is a combination of multiple sensors and 24x7 monitoring that form an integrated, 7-layer security to deter, detect, delay and avert intrusions.


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